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CAD Animation
from the hand drawing via CAD-animation to the complete booth.

Digital printing - Graphics - Signage - Displays - Lighting- and Sound technology - Multimedia - Presentation technology
From simple computer fonts or expert digital prints, from prospectus displays to monitor screens, we handle the complete development, concept, production and installation.

International - Full service
Naturally we have experience and offer full service on all continents. From paperwork to the handover of the keys. Our project manager is always at your side.

Your customers should enjoy excellent catering: a menu, nibbles, fingerfood or fruit baskets, beverages and dispensers - all the heart desires.

Decoration - Styling
Our decorator will support you with creative ideas and materials.

Booth staff
Hostesses, Security, Interpreters, Cleaning crew and any other service staff that you require we will hire for you.

Logistics - Warehousing - Customs
We handle all customs requirements and paperwork for you. After the tradeshow, what now? We handle logistics, packing and warehousing and prepare all for the next use. Products, promotional objects etc. - if you wish, we can keep these in stock for you and send to your designated customers on your behalf.

Service network
We work with a pool of qualified and experienced partners and can thus offer a highly efficient service spectrum. Partners are architects, statiscians, booth builders, booth warehouse, rental furniture deliverers, multimedia technicians, advertizement technicians, large-scale printers, event agencies, advertizement agencies, decortors and many more.